Flipper Zero


A Tamagotchi For  Hackers and geeks

With Flipper Zero’s features and capabilities, you can take your hacking skills to the next level and beyond.

What is Flipper Zero?

Smaller than a phone and with a rather playful appearance, the Flipper Zero is equipped with a dual-core ARM microcontroller STM32WB55, with 256 Kb of RAM and 1 Mb of flash storage.

Its firmware is based on the FreeRTOS operating system.

It also has GPIO connectors, to add for example a WIFI module.

The application is very simple, the interface is easy to use, and users regularly add robust scripts that you can find on GitHub.

There is also a friendly forum and Discord server that you can join if you need help with a project.

Bonus: the SNAKE game is included in the Flipper Zero, and a light version of the DOOM game has also been created !

What is the use of Flipper Zero?

The Flipper Zero is designed to be a versatile device that integrates RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities, making it capable of replacing multiple devices.

Additionally, its features allow for testing the security of systems, making it a valuable tool for various applications.

125kHz RFID:

The 125kHz RFID is commonly used in older access control systems. It does not have an authentication mechanism, making it easily readable, clonable, and emulable. A 125 kHz antenna is located on the bottom of the Flipper and can read EM-4100 and HID Prox cards, storing them in memory for future emulation.

13.56 MHz RFID:

More recent systems can also be tested with the Flipper Zero, which has an integrated NFC module operating at 13.56 MHz.

By combining this module with the 125 kHz module, the Flipper becomes an extremely versatile device, capable of working in both low and high frequency ranges.

Infrared Transmitter/Receiver:
The Flipper Zero has an infrared transmitter-receiver, a device commonly used to control various household electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners, stereo systems, etc.

The Flipper Zero has an integrated Bluetooth module, allowing it to act as both a host and a device, enabling you to connect it to third-party devices and a smartphone simultaneously.

In summary, the primary use of the Flipper Zero is to test the security of systems to which you have legally access.

Is Flipper Zero a potential security threat?

The potential danger of the tool is contingent on the user.

You can find videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok that show the ability to open a Tesla tank, change gas station prices, or control televisions.

In reality, all of this can also be done with a smartphone or a Raspberry Pi!

“The firmware does not allow access to prohibited practices, such as jamming or brute force attacks. Flipper Zero should therefore be completely legal in all countries. However, as the software is open source, you can install other functions or use firmwares developed by others. In those cases, you are the only legal responsible,” as stated on the official Flipper Zero website.


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