Emergency IT Security Incident Management

If you suspect that your website, social media accounts, or email have been compromised by unauthorized access, we understand the urgency of acting swiftly to protect your data.

That’s why we invite you to click on the link below that matches your situation to access a form specifically designed to assist you in this sensitive matter.



Has Your WordPress Site Been Hacked?
Click Here.

Online Accounts

Has Your Social Media Account or Email Been Hacked?
Click Here.


  • Always be cautious with unexpected emails or messages asking for personal information or passwords.
  • Always verify the URL of websites before providing sensitive information.
  • Educate yourself about phishing techniques to recognize them.
  • Keep up with the latest news in cybersecurity to stay informed.

Remember, online security is crucial for protecting your personal information. If you suspect a breach, act quickly to minimize potential damage.


Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

Cybersecurity analysts are trained to identify threats and vulnerabilities.

They can provide a rapid and effective response to secure your accounts and data.

Their expertise helps in preventing future security incidents.

Each social media platform has its own reporting mechanism. Check the security settings of the concerned platform for specific instructions.

Yes, it is advisable to change the passwords for all online accounts if you use the same password or similar passwords.

No, we cannot hack the hacker to retrieve your access credentials. Doing so would be illegal and against our ethical principles.

However, we can assist you in securing your accounts and undertaking necessary actions to legitimately regain access to your accounts by following appropriate procedures.

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